The Window Factory transferable warranty. All American Home Improvement, Inc. DBA The Window Factory guarantees it will repair or replace, at its options, any Window Factory product which is defective in materials, workmanship or installation subject to the following terms and conditions: This limited lifetime warranty is offered only to original owners of single family homes who purchase vinyl windows and doors on an installed basis. This original warranty information is covered under warranty transfer.

I. All Window Factory products having vinyl frames have a LIFETIME warranty against interior moisture or unit failure.

II. Window screens (standard fiberglass mesh) are guaranteed for 20 years from the date of installation against any screen mesh tear or damaged screen frame. All screens needing repair or replacement must be brought to The Window Factory for free service. Patio door screen frames not covered*. Screen services completed at owners home not covered*. Screen services for multi-unit dwellings such as apartment buildings, hotels, motels, etc. not covered*. Optional screen mesh not covered*.

III. Product Installation is guaranteed LIFETIME against installation defects.

IV. Accidental glass breakage is provided to original owners of single family homes (glass=clear & low-e) for a one $75.00 per occurrence. Annealed glass only. Tempered and safety glass not covered*. Specialty glass types, shapes or patterns are not covered*. Homes located in hazardous areas, such as golf courses, will have a replacement service at the rate of 50% off the current retail price of installed replacement glass.

V. House Armor & House Armor Plus windows are designed to provide enhanced burglar resistance but are not burglar proof. Although the secondary dead-bolt lock used alone is very strong, maximum forced entry protection is best achieved when windows are closed and both the dead-bolt and cam locks are engaged simultaneously.

Note: The Window Factory, Inc. makes no claim that installed products enhanced with (HA) or (HAP) will keep a persistent burglar from gaining access to a customer’s home. The Window Factory can repair / replace items not covered under this warranty at factory discounted rates.WARRANTY TRANSFER:This warranty is transferable one time to the new owner for 20 years from the original date of installation. This warranty gives specific legal rights to the owner. These rights vary from state to state.


I. This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by fire, flood or other acts of vandalism, riot, civil disorder, misuse, abuse, harmful fumes, vapors or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. This warranty also does not cover building settlement or structural failure outside The Window Factory’s control.

II. This warranty shall be void if accessories that are not fabricated or supplied by The Window Factory are installed on Window Factory vinyl frames. This warrant is also void if unsupplied accessories affect the performance or integrity of the frames.

III. Damaged screen guarantee is only available for the original owner and is not transferable.

Claims: Any claims for a defect under this warranty shall be submitted promptly after discovery to The Window Factory, Inc. located at 7550 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126. All submitted claims shall describe product issues and shall be signed by an officer of The Window Factory, Inc. An employee of The Window Factory, Inc. will need to inspect the defective product to determine damage. If The Window Factory, Inc. determines that the provisions of this warranty cover the claim, they will take the necessary action to remedy the damage and/or claim.

This warranty shall continue in effect and application to any vinyl replacement product. However, the original warranty period shall not be extended by any such replacements.