The Window & Door Factory is the San Diego window and door company that can provide you with high quality, well-constructed pet doors at low prices. Oftentimes, when homeowners need to install a pet door they are forced to use add-on panels from big box retailers. While this is a fast way of installing new pet doors, it's not always the most secure or attractive way to do so.

Instead, The Window & Door Factory can install San Diego pet doors directly into the glass panels or screen panels of our Monterey sliding patio doors. These all-in-one doors are intended for canines and will be crafted within the main body of the door, providing a smooth, polished look.

New Pet Doors

Our pet doors are available in four sizes to accommodate Chihuahuas, Great Danes, and everything in between. Our professionals will speak with you before your door installation to determine the size and features you require for new pet doors. From there, we will install your pet doors quickly and affordably.

Our doors will give your pets an entrance to your home that saves time and prevents heat transfer from fully opening a door. Don't delay any longer, and contact The Window & Door Factory today to discuss your options with our friendly team. You may also fill out our online quote form to receive a free estimate!

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