Miracle March

High winds and heavy rain damage are projected for Southern California which can leave many residents with hefty home-repair expenses. Many California homeowners are not prepared for these extreme weather conditions.

One way homeowners can protect their homes from deteriorating in unpredictable weather, is through weep hole maintenance. Weep holes are a part of the drainage system of vinyl windows and patio doors. When water does not drain properly to the exterior, it may overflow the sill track to the interior of the structure causing damage. Continue reading

LOW e3 Glass: what does it really mean?

window-openIf you’re tempted to take advantage of Window Factory’s nocost low e3 glass upgrade, you should understand what this product really doesfor your home’s energy efficiency.

Low e3 stands for low-emission cubed. It helps reduce theamount of ultraviolet (UV) light and radiation. By keeping the warm air out insummer and cool air out in winter, properly installed low-e class can reduce overall energy bills by up to one-third.

Because low-e glass contains a microscopically thin metallicoxide coating, it helps suppress noise and provides protection against sun damage and fading.

Window Replacement: Think Outside The Big Box

If window replacement is on your tax rebate fix up list, think outside the big box. This is an area where specialization counts. The lowest price (if it is actually lower) may not be the one-stop-shopping you need.


  1. Service. If you’re selling cameras one day and windows the next, your level of expertise just isn’t the same. It’s a window and you need it to be measured, manufactured and installed expertly so your family stays warm, cool and dry.
  2. Price. The big box stores might not have the savings a window specialist would. End to end (measure to installation) companies can often provide a better price.
  3. Made to measure vs. off the shelf. No contest here.
  4. Warranty. Your house is your home. Their warranty is their word and you want it to last a lifetime.

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Matching Your Window Style to Your Home

You love your home – but hate your windows. They may not be energy efficient – or maybe they just don’t fit the home’s style. Windows do more than let light and air in. They’re a design feature that’s visible from both inside and out. So how do you marry replacement windows to your home’s design? Here are a few ideas:

  • Sliders – these modern windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors while providing excellent ventilation.
  • Single or double hung – this traditional style provides with grille pattern options and energy-saving with double hung and tilt out for easy cleaning with single hung models
  • Geometric – need special shapes? How about a curved window over your reading nook?
  • Picture windows – let the light in without obstruction when you don’t need an operable window
  • Bay or bow windows – increase the square footage and look of your home
  • Garden windows – provide the space of a planter with greater beauty and light

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Window replacement – how to

houseIf you’re thinking of replacing your home’s windows, wheredo you start? It’s easier if you break the project down, say the experts at theWindow Factory. Here’s a quick how-to checklist:

1. Count and list all the windows you want toreplace.
2. Determine the type of window you’re replacing –do you need sliders, double hung, picture windows– or a combination?
3. Are they Energy Star rated (low-e glass)?
4. Do you need safety windows anywhere?
5. Are there any specialty windows (bow, bay) ordoors – French doors, patio doors or pet doors?With these answered, your window measurement will be thatmuch easier.

Let it rain, let it rain…really!

replaceWe don’t fear snow in Southern California, but rain can stress homeowners out, especially if their house has older windows. If wood, ill-fitting windows are letting rain in, it may be time to look at replacement windows. But before you replace old leaky windows (and doors – which can be tricky), make sure the new ones will fit, are properly sealed and eliminate all of your water leakage problems. How do you do this? By selecting a window specialist, a company whose only business is windows – from manufacturing to installation. Your installer will ensure every step of the process is done professionally so you’ll never need to fear the weatherman again.

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Energy efficiency in a warm climate

Does energy efficiency really matter if it doesn’t freeze and snow in the winter and reach 114 in the summer?

According to the U.S. government’s Energy Star program, replacing old windows wherever you are will save 7-15 percent on your household heating and cooling bill. And, by lowering your consumption will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

If that’s not enough, Energy Star windows, like those from the Window Factory, can help make you more comfortable year round. With their special coating, it’s like a sunscreen for your house.

What could be healthier?

Home safe home

When most homeowners think about increasing safety, the first things that come to mind are locks and outdoor lighting. But the area where they could make a substantial safety difference is with their home’s windows.

It is estimated that one-third of home entries are through windows. Burglars don’t like breaking glass, and many homeowners make it easy for them by having open, unsecured windows.

What can you do? No, bars aren’t the answer. But a safety window such as one from the House Armor™ line could be. With two levels of defense, these windows provide an outer pane of glass that will make a loud noise on impact and an inner pane made of glass similar to that in your car’s windshield.

They’re available in a number of styles to fit your home. So if safety is on your window replacement list along with quality and value, contact Window Factory at 888-819-3898.

Changing a window to a door

french-doorsWhatever your choice, it will not only let the light in – it will let you out.

We love windows. They add light to a room, provide ventilation and sometimes even a great view. But what about when you’re tired of just looking at the view and would really like to have access to it? Maybe it’s time to change that window to a door.

Where do you start? We would recommend asking an expert – a window installer. He could determine the best way to make this structural change, depending on the size of the window and exterior material of your home (stucco, brick, etc.). And then, based on room and exterior space, you can select which type of door best suits your style: French doors (swinging or on rails), a single swing door or a sliding or swinging patio door.

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Window specialists vs. big box stores

mfrwindowYou ran into the big box hardware store for grout, but your wife stopped at the window section. Maybe it’s time to replace those leaky old windows in the den. But with what – and from where?

Is the lowest price from the biggest chain the best deal? Not necessarily. So how do you determine where to go: big box or window specialist? Here are some key things to think about:

  • Service. You want to be certain your windows will be supported with service, since they will last many years. A sales associate who is also selling appliances will not necessarily have the expertise that a window specialist has. You want a free estimate, expert measurement and post-installation service and support.
  • Choices. Nothing about windows is off the shelf. You want to make decisions based on your home, your needs and your wallet. Windows are a custom product and should be treated as such.
  • Cost. Cheaper isn’t necessarily cheaper. If you have a window supplier that does every step of the process – from manufacturing to installation – you will likely save in the end.

So, maybe the message is that you don’t need to purchase your grout and your windows in the same place.

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