San Diego Folding Doors | Accordian Doors | The Window & Door FactoryFinding the perfect door for your home can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Of course you want the door to serve major functions like protecting your family while also shielding your property from the elements. You also want your door to showcase your unique style in regards to your home.

At The Window & Door Factory, we recognize that style, simplicity, and functionality matters. We know that finding all of the above at a great price matters as well. When it comes to finding the right door for your home, asking a few simple questions and looking at different options can help immensely. What door might be right for you?

Durable, custom-made folding doors are a great investment for any home. With a variety of materials, styles, and configurations, finding the customizable solution for your space is easier than ever. San Diego folding doors are used typically to merge both indoor and outdoor spaces by patios and walkways, while still keeping the home safe and secure. These doors also contribute to reduce heating and cooling costs and also come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, guaranteeing decades of use.

LaCantina Doors

LaCantina doors seamlessly blend both indoor and outdoor space with folding door functionality offering complete glass from floor to ceiling. This door type is typically used for spaces that lead directly to an outdoor patio, pool area, garden, or stunning view – a great solution for those looking for a truly unique door.

La Jolla Doors

Similar to the LaCantina doors, La Jolla doors offer complete visibility from top to bottom while also remaining energy efficient and allowing the maximum amount of light into your home. With both single and dual-slide stacking, finding the perfect door for your unique space requirements is easier than ever.

In addition to the door types listed above, The Window & Door Factory also has many other additional door options available.