Window Replacement Factors

A single broken window can have a tremendous impact on your energy use. Not only is it unattractive, but ineffective when it comes to protecting your home from the elements.

A new window installation could save energy, improve your security, and ensure a more comfortable home for years to come. The key is knowing when your old windows need replacing.

Do You Need a Home Window Replacement?

If you are experiencing any of the following problems with your windows, now is the time to consider a window replacement.

Window Replacement | San Diego, CA | The Window & Door FactoryA Broken Seal:

A broken seal is the most elusive culprit of wasted energy for San Diego homes. Unlike a low-cost glass repair, it often goes unnoticed for too long.

If you are noticing a buildup of condensation and fog in your double-paned window, it probably means your seal is damaged.

'Couldn't I just replace the seal?'

Many homeowners make the mistake of replacing the seal, only to find that it breaks in a few weeks' time, leaving them back at square one. This is because the damage is usually caused by a warped window. A new window ensures a proper seal that keeps weather where it belongs - outside.

Window Replacement | San Diego, CA | The Window & Door Factory

Your Window Won't Close:

Aside from the obvious security issues, a window that won't completely close is likely causing your HVAC system to work overtime heating or cooling your home. Exposure to wind and water could cause serious damage to your interior, so we highly recommend a new window installation.

Window Replacement | San Diego, CA | The Window & Door Factory

Your Window Won't Open:

A window that won't open could prevent your family from exiting the building in the event of a fire. Your safety shouldn't be taken lightly, so this is a major cause for a window replacement.

From high energy bills to safety concerns, an old window puts an unnecessary strain on your wallet and well-being. Opt for a more energy-efficient window—and not a simple seal replacement—and experience the difference for yourself.

Our team of experienced professionals make window installation a cinch. With high-quality materials and experts on staff, we make it easy to improve your curb appeal, energy costs, and peace of mind.

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